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Rixos Mall: Sophistication with Style

The Four Seasons group has created a fresh project in the New Administrative Capital that is also the largest commercial mall. Rixos Mall New Capital is the latest building in this area that includes administrative, medical, and commercial units. 

The mall is carefully placed in a specific region to attract more customers. The area is near various important locations of Egypt. That is why purchasing a property here, is the perfect way of gaining huge returns and securing your future.

So, we will provide you all the information about Rixos Mall that can help you to select the ideal package.

Introduction to Rixos Mall New Capital

The architecture of Rixos Mall is created to provide a modern look with unique features. The facades, floors, units, all areas are designed using advanced methodology. That is why the area is safe for every real estate investor. The building contains 10 main floors and a ground floor with a spacious system. 

The total area of land covered by Rixos New Capital is 3000 square meters. However, only 30% is utilized for construction. The rest is given to open land areas and other services. The commercial units are 24 square meters in area. Whereas, the area of medical and administrative units is 30 square meters.

Apart from this, Rixos Mall can be located in the downtown area of The New Administrative Capital. Two main streets are near this building that is 120m and 94m wide. It is a beautiful place for people who want to enjoy a panoramic view and natural atmosphere. Additionally, the place is a major location for many investment sectors like petroleum, computer technology, and gold markets.

On top of that, the New Administrative Capital airport is only half an hour away from Rixos Mall New Capital. Other areas like the Financial District, Government Ministries, Presidency Building, Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and the Mosque of Egypt are very close to this mall. Additionally, some major structures like the Zodiac Tower, Cairo Opera House, and Al-Masa Hotel are near the main building.

Facilities That Are Available According to The Floor.

  • On the ground floor of Rixos Mall, the customers can take benefit of the restaurants, cafes, and pharmacy.
  • The first floor is reserved for the Food court.
  • A large hypermarket can be seen on the second floor.
  • Children can enjoy the entertainment area provided on the third floor.
  • The fourth and fifth floors have several shops. 
  • Medical units can be found on the sixth floor.
  • Administrative units are spread from the seventh to the ninth floor.
  • Lastly, the tenth floor is occupied by hotel housing units.

Required Budget for Investment in Rixos

The price per square meter area for the residential units starts from 28.5 thousand EGP. The medical and commercial units per square meter area have a basic price of 35.5 thousand EGP and 57,000 EGP respectively. 

Up to 15% discount is given on all the packages that are present in Rixos Mall New Capital. The installment plan is divided into 6 years, 7 years and 8 years period with a reservation fee of 5% in all the packages.


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