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Worth Of Public Lighting and Some Expert’s Opinion:

Public places, gardens, parks are the points where public used to enjoy their leisure time mostly. These public parks and gardens are a way for people to get together and it paves way to strangers to meet and greet there. It’s a way to make people socialize and it helps in building up more cohesive…

Why New Degree Press is betting on community-powered publishing

“We sold 700 copies during my presale campaign,” shared Nicole Bianchi, author of Small Brave Moves (New Degree Press, 2021) and partner at Bravium HD. “Most first-time authors sell 100-150 books on average, and we did 7x that before the book even came out. That’s the real power of pre-sale publishing.”New Degree Press has pioneered…

Rixos Mall: Sophistication with Style

The Four Seasons group has created a fresh project in the New Administrative Capital that is also the largest commercial mall. Rixos Mall New Capital is the latest building in this area that includes administrative, medical, and commercial units.  The mall is carefully placed in a specific region to attract more customers. The area is near various…

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